Percheron and Me


Workshop Includes:

  • Working from live models.
  • Slides, Lectures, presentations, demonstrations of 19th century painting methods, materials and animal anatomy.
  • Advice on how to avoid the destructive influence of photographic sources.
  • Individual attention and daily group critiques.
This workshop is for skill levels from beginner through intermediate.  To make certain that each person receives individual attention, this workshop is limited to 12 participants. 

Click here for required material list:

Four day workshops include a presentation on the evening before. The presentation covers the history of animal drawing and painting, as well as the techniques used by the Masters. Food and drinks are provided for the presentation.

The workshop is designed to accommodate artists of all levels, and will teach the basics of dog and horse anatomy.  Live animal models will be provided, and painting demonstrations will take place each day of the class.  Information on the techniques of taking and working from photographs will also be included.  Critiques will be provided at the end of each day.

Total cost for the workshop is $700.00 (includes horse handler fee). 1/2 balance is due on April 30, 2015, with remainder due June 23rd.  I accept checks, money orders, and cash.  Classes are limited to 12, so sign up early.

Evening of Tuesday the 23rd there will be an Introduction to 19th century working methods of three major animal painters from that era, plus an introduction to their mediums, drawing and painting methods when working with live models, understanding their artistic training. A Power Point presentation on the methods of 19th century "Animaliers" with examples of their work and how they executed paintings and drawing follows.  From this vast overall exposure to many animal artists who few contemporary artists are even aware of, participants will be better able to find out whose work they would like learn from and integrate into those styles their own.  Refreshments and sandwiches will be provided at no cost during the evening presentation.  No Alcoholic beverages during workshop hours.

First Day will include methods and practice of the 19th century animal painters. We will work on exercises in and outside my studio. Painting and drawing methods and how to mix a 19th century palette will be included in this day's session.

The following sessions will be held at a beautiful hunter, jumper and dressage barn from 9am to 4pm, where we will be working from thoroughbreds and warmbloods.  Horses will be handled for participants and a handler fee is included in the price of the workshop.  I will demonstrate the 19th century method of approaching a painting with a live model.

Saturday afternoon will be devoted to summing up work from the workshop so that participants can go home with follow up assignments and continue the process that is presented in the workshop feeling confident to work on their own.

OPTIONAL: On June 28th I will be offering private career and portfolio evaluations by appointment.  Total cost is $150.00 for two hours.

Evaluations include further assignments to improve work and offers information on how to approach galleries, museums and other professional outlets in addition to getting one's work to the professional level for submission to professional outlets. These individual sessions will expose you to the way in which you can create work and a professional approach to commercial outlets that make your work stand out above other contemporary animal and portrait artists.  In addition, how to build and present a professional portfolio for portrait commissions will be discussed.  25 years of professional experience and research will be shared throughout the appointment.  I believe in paying it forward and passing on information to help anyone achieve their professional and studio goals.  As a professional artist in our contemporary times it is very hard to deal with the realities of running a studio and knowing how to coordinate the distractions of everyday life and make your studio time a priority.  This appointment will also address how to believe in what you are doing and will give interested individuals a course of action to make your work a priority in your life.

For a brochure or more information call the Studio at : 262-505-0805 Central Time, Tuesday - Sunday 10am-7pm.
Please leave a voice message with a phone contact and time to call.

Wisconsin is an agricultural state with a 5.2 sales tax.  It is pastoral with many open fields and wonderful landscape vistas to use as backdrops for animal portraits.  We are located 1.5 miles from the shores of Lake Michigan.  Hotels within a 1 and 1/2 mile distance to the studio range from 50.00 dollars a night to 110.00. please make reservations early as possible as the surrounding towns have many festivals, cafes and boutiques open during the summer months.  The population is gregarious, friendly and helpful.  Restaurants are very reasonable as are groceries and other food outlets.  I have traveled this country for many years and have yet to find a more easy place to drive.  We have the most polite drivers in the country and NO TOLLS!.


A full supplies list will be forwarded once the deposit is received.   Odorless mineral spirits will be supplied so that you don't have complications when traveling by air.  You may also ship your supplies to my studio in advance if you wish.  That information will be provided upon receipt of the deposit.

I recommend SourceTek located in Scottsdale, AZ at 800-587-5462 or  They supply many famous Western and Eastern Painters with painting surfaces, brushes and paints. You will love these materials!

One 5-pack of 9" x 12" Baltic Birch Panels (1/8" thick with Claessens #13 oil-primed linen)

Grand Prix filberts in sizes 2,4,6,8, and rounds in sizes 2,4. Don't forget two quality brush washers or glass jars for mediums.

A paint and palette materials list will be updated soon.

OTHER NECESSARY EQUIPMENT: Tube Wringer, wooden palette, pochade box or easel, rags or paper towels, and Fels Naptha bar soap or D-Lead soap or towelettes.

Consatnce Payne